SAMA FM 107.4

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SAMA FM 107.4



SAMA FM 107.4

SAMA FM 107.4



SAMAA FM is Pakistan’s most technologically advanced radio network that is not only equipped to deliver best quality radio broadcast but also offers its listeners exciting music and unique mix of programs hosted by Pakistan’ most cherished RJs.

With a promise to deliver more music – less talk and versatile programs that revolves around News, Reviews, Roundups, Sports and much more, SAMAA FM has revolutionized the way broadcast is done and is gaining the reputation of being the most listened Radio channel in Karachi and Bahawalpur.

Apart from the radio broadcast, the channel provides an opportunity to its avid listeners to actively participate and engage with their favorite RJ’s through SMS, IVR and multiple social media platforms as well.

SAMAA FM endeavors to continue to amuse its listeners with nonparallel entertainment.

We are broadcasting from Lahore and Islamabad also.

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    Today, the 15th, her fever ranges from 101 to 102.2 F (38.3 to 39 C). It being Sunday we weren’t able to go to a large hospital, so she went to a smaller local self owned hospital. There, she was tested for the flu again but was still negative. And the cause is still unknown. The doctor said that the flu test turns out to be positive on the third test for some people but it is a rare case so I’m personally not counting on that third test. She still has nothing but a high fever and a headache, with no appetite. I’m pretty worried about her since she’s not having any distinctive symptoms. Is there anything that the doctor may be missing or any tests that I can suggest to the doctor, since I don’t fully trust them. I checked the internet and found stuff like Myocarditis and it seems like the doctors often diagnose it as mere colds, so I’m concerned that she may have something like that.

    I’m basically worried about her 107.4 degree F fever. I’ve never heard of a fever that high. And she doesn’t have many symptoms. I wish it would be just a flu or just nothing. Oh, by the way the first surgeon said her throat was red but the second doctor she saw today said he didn’t see any redness in her throat.(I’m not sure if the surgeon made a mistake or the symptom just went away)

    I apologize for my long and tedious question.
    It also would be nice if you state whether you have a medicine related job, or any sure knowledge in medicine.
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    a gas confined in a 515cm^3 container exerts a pressure of 107.4kPa at 38.6C at what celsius temperature will exert a pressure of 635.7kPa if it is placed into a644-cm^3 container?

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